Bermondsey Spa Gardens

Bermondsey Spa Gardens. Photo Ewan Munro.

Bermondsey Spa Gardens. Photo Ewan Munro.

One of the many parks in South London, this one is special not just because it.  The recent regeneration of the area has seen the park remodelled with more furniture, a dog walking section, more lighting, sports area, a toddler play area. £2 million was spent on redoing the park, so it’s in pretty good condition and well worth a visit if you’re wandering through the area.

It’s located just off Grange Road by the roundabout that leads to Spa Road (which borders the Northern edge of the park).

The name of the area unsurprisingly comes from the fact that there was a spring in the area from the river Neckinger. The 1700s were a time when springs were turned into spas across the country and the one here was no different. Thomas Keyse, the local landowner, turned it into a pleasure garden, gallery and concert hall and sold the water. Many wealthy clients came across the river with their security guards to take the water.