Bermondsey is one of the nicest areas in inner South London. It’s located between the banks of the Thames in the North and the Old and New Kent Road in the South, and between RotherhitheĀ in the East and Borough/Southwark in the West. The area is one of many different types of residential developments, from beautiful warehouse conversions along the Thames to 20th century social housing, Georgian terraces and everything in between elsewhere.

The area is served by the Bermondsey Tube Station in the East as well as the Elephant and Castle, Borough and London Bridge stations in the West. The main road going through it is the Jamaica Road, although many will instead take a turn off the Old and New Kent Road to where they need to go.

The area’s parliamentary constituency is Bermondsey and Old Southwark and is currently represented by Simon Hughes, a famous Liberal Democrat MP.

Bermondsey has a long history, appearing in the Domesday Book where its listed as having a church. It wasn’t until the 17th century that the area really got going though, as until then London was tiny. It was really the Great Fire of London which made the affluent move away from the centre of London and start looking for suburbs, of which Bermondsey became one of the first. Hardly any of the buildings from that era are still here, but the church of St Mary Magdalen from 1690 still stands.

The area became more popular with the development of Bermondsey Spa in the 18th century, but the area along the riverside had become a slum by the mid 19th century as the riverbank along the Thames became increasingly built up for trade. It even featured in Oliver Twist as a notorious area tat Bill Sikes meets his end in.

Later Tower Bridge was built here given the area a reason to regenerate. By the end of the 20th century the area had become somewhat fashionable, especially on the Thames Bank where former warehouses were now used as apartments with great views over the river. Sadly the area still lacked transport links it really needed until 2000 when the Juiblee line extension brought a station here.

The area also have strong sporting links, with Millwall F.C. now based near the South Bermondsey station.